Nurse Mary Warner

After providing 30 years of nursing care, Mary has made the decision to retire with her last day at the practice on 2nd March filled with tears and warm wishes. Many of our patients will have seen Mary over the years from delivering child immunisations to giving travel vaccinations for holidays all around the world along with a host of other nursing duties. I am sure you will all join me in wishing Mary all the best for her well earned retirement.

We will miss you!

Household Support Funding in Hertfordshire


The Government's Household Support Fund is available to assist Hertfordshire residents with things such as the cost of food and energy, find out more at: 

If you are struggling with current price rises and need help to buy food or to heat your home you can contact HertsHelp who are a countywide service who offer advice and practical support to people across Hertfordshire. They may be able to help with essentials like the cost of food and energy bills. They can also help if you are worried about finances and with emotional support and wellbeing.

If you need help, regardless of whether you qualify for benefits, call 0300 123 4044, email or visit

Your district or borough council may also contact you to offer support with the cost of energy directly.


Support your GP Surgery, so it can be there to support you

General practice in England has faced an extremely challenging time during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Face-to-face contact has been limited across all NHS services, to protect patients and reduce the risk of infection. We know that this has been frustrating for those that have not been able to book a face-to-face appointment but be reassured that if we need to see you we will.

The pandemic has not ended, the threat of COVID-19 remains and general practice will continue to struggle to meet the growing needs of patients. No one wants it to be like this but there are millions of patients whose treatment has been delayed now seeking help, more tests to administer and more bureaucracy, as well as millions more vaccination appointments to deliver in the coming months. Even after the pandemic general practice will continue to struggle to meet the needs of patients. 

With the number of GPs falling (due to lack of recruitment and retention) whilst the population rises, demands on GPs are higher than ever. GPs and their teams cannot meet this challenge without more support. 

We have a limited resources and limited number of appointments every day, please do not be rude to or shout at our receptionists; the practice will not tolerate offensive behavour or language and we will take steps to remove patients from our list if necessary.

Staff Update

We have a new Clinical Pharmacist working 2 days a week in the short term, whilst we are trying to recruit a permanent replacement. Our Physicians Associate has moved to a start a new opportunity and again we are looking to replace this positon in the near future.


General Practice Data for Planning and Research (GPDPR)

Patient data has been collected from practices for a number of years using the General Practice Extraction Service (GPES), the General Pracrice Data for Planning and Research (GPDPR) is replacing GPES and will help to support the planning and commissioning of health and care services, the development of health and care policy, public health monitoring and interventions and enable different areas of research. 

More information about how NHS Digital is processing GP data can be found in NHS Digital's GPDPR Transparency Notice: 

Opting out

There are two different opt-outs:

Type 1 Opt-out - prevent sharing of your practice data with NHS Digital; these were introduced in 2013. NHS Digital will not collect data for patients who are already have a Type 1 opt-out recorded. If you wish to regsiter a Type 1 Opt-out please complete the form available here

Data sharing with NHS digital has now been postponed a new start date has not been set; NHS Digital will need to be meet a varierty of stringent tests before going live. They are introducing three changes to the opt-out system which mean that patients will be able to change their opt-out status at any time:

1.Patients do not need to register a Type 1 opt-out by 1 September to ensure their GP data will not be uploaded

2.NHS Digital will create the technical means to allow GP data that has previously been uploaded to the system via the GPDPR collection to be deleted when someone registers a Type 1  opt-out   

3.The plan to retire Type 1 opt-outs will be deferred for at  least 12 months while the new arrangements are introdcued and will not be implemented without consultation with the RCGP, the BMA and the National Data Guardian

The Practice will continue process your opt-out forms when received; unfortuantley we will not be able to confirm processing of individual forms.

National Data Opt-out - opting out of NHS Digital sharing your data unless there is a legal exemption to do so. You can find out more and register a National Data Opt-out or change your choice on  or call 0300 303 5678 if you do not have access to the internet.

You must do the National Opt-out through NHS Digtal, this cannot be done at the practice.

Your individual care will not be affected if you opt-out using Type 1 or National Data Opt-out.

Latest newsletter

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Practice updates

All NHS services are under severe pressure at the moment, as we look after increasing numbers of patients who are sick with covid-19 and other seasonal illnesses.


We are also delivering the huge and vitally important covid-19 vaccination programme.


So that it can focus on these really important issues, you GP will understandably be prioritising urgent cases.


This means that when you contact your local practice, they will have an initial conversation with you to understand how urgent your health needs are.


If you have an issue that is not urgent, you may to wait longer than usual until your problem or concern can be dealt with.


Do please make sure that you continue to get in touch with us if you need to. This is particularly important if:


· your problem is urgent;

· you have long-term condition that is getting worse

· you are worried about symptoms that might indicate cancer


Please also remember you can call NHS 111 for urgent concerns, and 999 for serious emergencies.


Your local pharmacist can also help with minor complaints


For adults with mental health problems including depression and anxiety, you can refer yourself directly to the local wellbeing service, via their website.


If you’re experiencing a mental health crisis, call this freephone number: 0800 6444 101.



Advice re minor illness:



Thank you very much for helping us all manage under these very difficult circumstances.