We are operating in extraordinary times.  Pressure on secondary care and primary care is enormous.  Please be patient and kind to our staff.  We will do our very best to help you.  We will try and manage your needs as much as possible over the telephone.  We really want to reduce face to face contact as much as we can.  Telephone lines will be busy and we have staff self isolating and having to stay at home too.  Thank you all.


Do not go to your GP surgery, hospital or pharmacy if you have symptoms of coughing or fever or shortness of breath and please go to these 2 websites to get up to date information - you may prefer to do this instead of calling 111 if the lines are very busy:

Stay indoors and avoid close contact with other people.

A UK wide campaign has been launched to provide clear advice on how to slow the spread of Coronavirus.

Please help to support the campaign which promotes basic hygiene practices, such as regularly washing hands and always sneezing into a tissue, to stem the spread of viruses.

You can read more about coronavirus on