Patient feedback - Friends and Family Test

Your feedback is really important to us and we will continue to collect your feedback. From December 2014 we will be using a "Friends and Family Test" and this will be collected at reception. 

An example "Friends and Family" postcard is attached:

Friends and Family postcard.pdf

Recent Friends & Family feedback

Latest feedback from last year is as follows:

Dates Recommended Percent Neither/Don't Know Percent Not Recommended Percent Number of Respondants
22/05/2017 to 16/05/2018 94 2 4 1741

94% would recommend our practice - we are delighted with this response rate.

Between mid May to mid June 2015 our feedback was as follows:

  Extremely likely Likely Neither likely or unlikely Unlikely Extremely unlikely Don't know Total
Handwritten 13           13
Telephone call             0
Tablet/kiosk             0
SMS/text message             0
Smartphone app or online             0
Other             0
Total 13 0 0 0 0 0 13
Miscellaneous comments              
Some great comments - for reception team and doctors : "unbeatable service", "cannot be improved on"
"appointments easy to arrange", "doctors are great", "great family service"