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As patients of our practice, we hope you might be interested in joining our Patients' Voices group. This is part of a national initiative aimed at encouraging the greater involvement of patients in decisions about the range and quality of services provided and, over time, those planned and funded by the practice.

If you would like to join Patients' Voices, please complete the details on the application form below indicating as appropriate and return the form to any branch of the practice.

We are obliged to collect certain demographic information about members to demonstrate its representativeness and thus can only accept for membership people who fully complete this questionnaire. No patient identifiable detail will be revealed outside the practice.

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Join "Your Practice Your Voice"

The Practice would now like input from more patients but recognises that not everyone can attend committee meetings or become involved in projects. We would therefore like to set up a new group called ” Your Practice Your Voice” which allows many more patients to express their opinions without the need to impose too much on your time. To join “Your Practice Your Voice” you need to be over 16 and registered with the Practice. If you are a carer of a patient you can join on the understanding that opinions expressed are those of the patient rather than yourself. If you are interested then please email your name and contact details to or click on the link opposite to complete the online form.

“Your Practice Your Voice” will contact you by email (post, if you do not use email) and seek your opinion on the issues of the day. It will however also allow you to suggest issues that you think are important. Of course any personal health issues or complaints about the Practice must be dealt with by your GP in the normal way.

In summary “Your Practice Your Voice” will operate as follows:

  • “Your Practice Your Voice ” will be operated by Patients’ Voices on behalf of the Practice
  • The purpose is to seek comment and opinions from a wide group of patients
  • There will be no need to attend meetings
  • Addresses will not be shared with anyone else
  • Any analysis of response will be anonymised – no individual will be identified without their prior permission
  • Patients can raise matters general matters although personal health issues or specific complaints will need to go through the Practice in the normal way
  • The work of the group will be reported annually at the AGM

If you like the idea of making a valuable contribution to the Practice then why not join “Your Practice Your Voice”

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